We request corporates to join Sangam N.G.O. for CSR Partnership if you wish to utilize your fund for CSR project for financial year 2021-22, our team will help you to assist/utilize your CSR fund. CSR activities not only benefits the society and underprivileged sections but also reaps benefits for a corporate itself.
1) Sangam provides free boarding and lounging to homeless children.
2) Sangam provides free rations to needy person and other NGOs which are affiliated with us. 
3) Sangam has also started a day boarding school, providing basic education and meals for children from nearby slum areas.
4) Sangam also organizes medical camps and distributes health and hygiene kits to women and children.
5) Sangam also has organized Aadhar card camps for the public convenience.
6) Sangam has a "MAIKA" which provides free boarding and lounging for women and their children who have been abused or are victims of domestic violence.
7) Sangam has started a self sustain home for orphan boys and girls who need shelter, help and support until they become self reliant.
8) Any orphan boy or girl who is 18 years of age or above can stay here and can avail free accommodation, food, clothing, education etc. until they complete their education and becomes self sufficient in getting a job. Sangam also pays for vocational courses for suitable children.
9) Sangam arranges to collect from various donors old and useable items such as clothing, educational books and household materials which are distributed free of cost to needy people.
10) Sangam has also started a Medical Lab facility providing up to 90% Discount on various blood tests and X-Rays, ECG, MRI, etc.

Yes. We are totally committed about data safety and your information is completely secure as we have a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate issued by a component authority.
Yes, you will get a certificate of your work/tenure completion.
You can become a long term or short term volunteer/intern or donor to  help work/assist as a member of Sangam.
Detailed information regarding this has been provided on the following link: http://www.sangam.org.in/how-to-connect-with-us.html